human redundancies

by whitegirlproblem

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Senior year of high school was better because local music was the best music. bert was probably my favourite band in Montgomery, and not just because the bassist was a friend from the record store. The music was massive, especially the (then) last album they made, Big Box Schwing, with Steve Albini as the engineer. Human Redundancies was always my favourite track, and it began to consume me, later in life, so I would come up with my own version, every half decade or so, sometimes sharing the attempts with Jeff, the band's guitarist/singer, before Larry came back into the fold. Anyway, he gave me his blessing to keep at it till I had it the way I wanted it and I suppose I split the difference with these two edits of the same performance, live in a bedroom with a piano and synth, recorded on my phone, without flourish, because a chord arrangement this solid doesn't need flowery production.


released June 18, 2016

Lyrics printed in album art with permission from Jeff McLeod.

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whitegirlproblem Sanremo, Italy

Trans music, many genres, made in bedrooms, coffee shops, patios, parking lots and, occasionally, actual studios.

Usually free, always affordable, never playing live!

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Track Name: hr full
Since my soul downsized -
Sent rotting, gone -
I've learned to focus
completely on
human redundancies.

I've willed ten cancers
on ten different folks.
I'll chew a secret:
Friendly means hoax.

-Jeff McLeod