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Struggling with faith in anything this summer.

I doubt these songs were ever meant to meet in the middle on a brief project such as this, but so be it.

The Holy Filament is from the California album by Mr. Bungle, written entirely by the amazing Trevor Dunn.
The melody is out of my vocal range, so I opted to play an instrumental that eventually offered up pieces of Black Mirror by Arcade Fire for no reason I can gather except in some emotional realm where I feel the need to mash things up.
Lyrics for that one are printed up in the track art.

The Motel appears on David Bowie's 1. Outside album, with I Would Be Your Slave culled from his Heathen album, both written solely by Bowie himself.
Since the two pieces share a chord movement as their pivot point (if not almost the entire first half of the structure from the original version of The Motel) with Barber's Adagio For Strings no. 2, I threw that in at the end as well.

The Holy Filament was played on the piano I grew up with, while the Bowie medley (so to speak) was played on the same piano, plus a small Yamaha Portasound for the bass synth and an Ibanez acoustic guitar for the open-tuned F major chord that appears once, audibly, in the mix.

Everything recorded to my phone, about eight feet southwest and six feet above the proceedings, in one of the bedrooms in my home, no overdubs, edited only for time.

I am insanely disgusted with life at the moment, and may look back upon this expression as a bit dour to get terribly nostalgic for, despite my genuine love for all the music featured here, but it had to be said, had to be sung, had to be played, such is life.

Black lives matter.

There is no war on cops.

Just war all the time.

There is no war on God.

Just war all the time.


released July 22, 2016



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whitegirlproblem Sanremo, Italy

Trans music, many genres, made in bedrooms, coffee shops, patios, parking lots and, occasionally, actual studios.

Usually free, always affordable, never playing live!

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